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Click on each gallery for a full page slide show of images with descriptions. 


CHINESE STYLE POND GARDEN  -  Half-acre hilltop overlooking Lake Phalen, St. Paul, MN. Features extensive water conservation including rain gardens partially funded by grants.

PARKWAY MONTESSORI 'DRY' WATER GARDEN -  The design for this karesansui featuring a sea of gravel was based on dioramas built by middle school students, who helped build it in the May of 2016. The dry bed flows with water from a hidden spout draining the roof!

Can Can Wonderland  -  Landscape artist for Hole #13, Zen Zen Garden, and for the waterfall and river bisecting the platform for Holes #1-6, and the landforms of Hole #7.

Backyard Buddhist Retreat -  The homeowners are practitioners of mindful and artful living and embraced my design incorporating abstracted Taoist and Buddhist elements.  

Miniature and Manicured Landscapes -  I started learning bonsai in 2004. I was most drawn to miniature landscapes, so I studied nature and the Japanese and Chinese masters to learn the art form. Then I went full size in land forming and tree sculpting. 

Managing Water with 'Dry' Water Gardens  -  Karesansui are the classic 'Zen' gardens but also include dry stream beds and waterfalls. Clever use of rain gardening techniques can result in magical transformations during rainstorms.

Structure and Hardscape -  Landscapes need structure to inhibit movement of earth, manage water, and allow human access and emotional response.